⚠️ Warning: This documentation refers to the proof-of-concept implementation of Wildland client (opens new window) which is no longer maintained. We are currently working on a new Wildland client written in Rust. To learn more about Wildland and the current status of its development, please visit the Wildland.io webpage (opens new window).

# Linux

The most convenient way to use the Wildland client on Linux is via the provided Docker image.

First make sure that you have Docker Engine and Docker Compose installed on your system. If you haven't installed it yet, follow the steps described in the handy tutorials prepared by the Docker team:

By default the Docker daemon runs as the root user. To run Docker containers as a non-root user, create a group called docker and add your user to it:

  1. Create the docker group by executing the following command:

    $ sudo groupadd docker
  2. Add your user to the docker group.

    $  sudo usermod -aG docker $USER
  3. Log out and log back in so that the changes from the previous steps take effect.

  4. Once you have Docker Engine and Docker Compose installed and properly configured with your system, clone the master branch of the Wildland client from the project's GitLab repository (opens new window) using git clone (if you have never used git before please install it by following the instructions available here (opens new window)):

    $ git clone -b master https://gitlab.com/wildland/wildland-client.git
  5. Next, change the working directory to wildland-client/docker:

    $ cd wildland-client/docker/
  6. Build the Docker image:

    $ docker-compose build
  7. Run it:

    $ docker-compose run --service-ports wildland-client

You can now connect with Wildland using WebDAV and a file manager of your choice (Nautilus, Konqueror, Thunar, Dolphin, etc.) by typing dav://localhost:8080/ in the address bar.

Now, head over to the Quick Start Guide and follow the instructions there.

# Run Wildland client directly

  1. Clone the master branch of Wildland client from the project's GitLab repository (opens new window):

    $ git clone -b master https://gitlab.com/wildland/wildland-client.git
  2. Change your working directory to wildland-client:

    $ cd wildland-client
  3. Run Wildland client:

    $ ./wildland-docker.sh
  4. Follow the instructions available at Quick Start Guide.