⚠️ Warning: This documentation refers to the proof-of-concept implementation of Wildland client (opens new window) which is no longer maintained. We are currently working on a new Wildland client written in Rust. To learn more about Wildland and the current status of its development, please visit the Wildland.io webpage (opens new window).

# MacOS

# Run Wildland client from a Docker image

# Install Docker

Using the Homebrew package manager (if you don't have Homebrew, install it following the steps described on their home page (opens new window)):

% brew install --cask docker

Launch the Docker.app and let it finish the installation.

# Clone Wildland repository

% git clone -b master https://gitlab.com/wildland/wildland-client.git

# Build and start Docker image

% cd wildland-client/docker
% docker-compose build
% docker-compose run --service-ports wildland-client

This will start the Wildland terminal session through which you can interact with Wildland client using the wl command.

To connect to the Wildland filesystem using Finder, select Connect to Server from Go menu and type http://localhost:8080 as the server address. If you get a warning about an insecure connection, just choose to connect and select "Connect as Guest" when asked for a password.

Once you have completed all of these steps, head over to the Quick Start Guide and follow the instructions there.